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  • Lampe Berger Essential Oils
  • Dreams of Exploration
  • Polynesian Dream
  • Wintertime in Russia
  • Paris Chic
  • Gardens on the Riveria
  • Springs Of Mekong
  • Escape to Capri
  • Oriental Dreams
  • Amber Powder
  • Delicate Powder
  • Luxurious Venice
  • Sandalwood
  • Chevrefeuille
  • Dreams of Flowers
  • Miss Violet
  • Lotus Blue
  • Lavender Fields
  • A Rose Is A Rose
  • Orange Blossom
  • Wild Orchid
  • Radiant Iris
  • Precious Jasmine
  • Citronnelle
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Bouquet Provencal
  • Rose Dí Iris
  • Dreams of Freshness
  • Peppermint
  • Green Tea
  • Delicate Tea
  • Summer Rain
  • Foret
  • Fresh Mint at The Riad
  • Citrus Leaves
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Eucalyptus
  • Miel de Patchouli
  • Chypre
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Vanilla Gourmet
  • Orange Cinnamon
  • Dreams of Fruits
  • Grapefruit Passion
  • Green Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Black Pomegranate
  • Functionals
  • Neutral
  • Anti-Mosquito
  • Pure Dreams
  • White Musk
  • Fresh Linen


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  • Essential oils are very important elements in plants, referred to as the "hormones"
    of plants and play a vital role in their development

  • Extracted from all parts - leaves, flowers, fruits, trunk, seeds, bark
    Safe to use as an insect repellant.

  • Forms natural ozone in the air to disinfect and remove unpleasant odours

  • Increases oxygen and promotes alkaline reaction in blood, boosting immune system

  • Daily usage helps improve health, reduce sinus and relieves stress and insomnia.

  • With the ozoalcool system, the diffuser stays cool even after prolonged peroid of burning.

  • Lampe Berger is safe for infants and pregnant mothers.

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Enjoy the finest fragrances around the World from the comfort of your own home

Essential Oil - Polynesian Dream

Indulge in the idyllic subtlety of the Pacific Islands where the floral sensuality of tiare and jasmine blends with the sweetness of the monoi and vanilla.
Polynesian Dream Benefits
Anise Prevents Insomnia
Orange Boost heart health and fight viral infections
Tiare Flower Anti-oxidant
Neroli Anti-bacterial, creates a warm and cordial atmosphere
Jasmine Promotes good cholestrol, prevents cancer
Almond Lowers blood sugar, nourishes the nervous system
Vanilla Soothes coughing

Essential Oil - Wintertime in Russia

A fragrance of character combining icy freshness, spicy warmth and mystery of incense a unique composition of cinnamon, cedar, juniper, leather, incense and amber
Wintertime in Russia Benefits
Cinnamon Removes nervousness, memory loss blood impurities and improves blood circulation.
Cedar Relieves spasms and stimulates metabolism.
Juniper Protects wounds from becoming septic and relaxes muscle cramps.
Leather Evokes best memories of life.
Incense Helps to protect skin cells.
Amber Enhances heart energy, soothes the body and induces sleep.

Essential Oil - Paris Chic


Meet with the stylish and elegant Paris. Its flowery notes hide the timeless chic of this Haute-Couture fragrance. Bergamot, jasmine water and white musk blend in a captivating fragrance. Created for those who love luxury.
Paris Chic Benefits
Bergamot Anti-depressant, stimulates healthy metabolism.
Morning Dew Energizing and revitalizing
Orris Soothes rheumatism, heart problems and sinus
Rose Bulgare Promotes psychological state of mind
Violet Anti-cancer, Anti-oxidant
Lychee Aids cardiovascular health
Clear Jasmine Relaxes and lifts mood
Peach Anti-aging, rejunvenates skin
Amber Calms and relaxes, soothes heart problems, stress and anxiety
White Musk Anti-inflammation

Essential Oil - Gardens on the Riveria

Gardens on the Riviera invites us to take a stroll along the edges of the Mediterranean: a fresh breeze whispering among the branches of olive trees, the greenness of fig leaves, the richness of oak moss and ambergris, the fragrance of rose and citrus… Star fragrance of Mediterranean stopovers, Gardens on the Riviera concentrates the symbolic fragrances of the Mediterranean coast.A fresh, green and woody fragrance for an unforgettable olfactory journey along the edges of the mediterranean.
Gardens on the Riveria Benefits
Blackcurrant Boosts immune system
Lemon Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral
Figleaves Prevents insomnia
Olive tree leaves Soothing, anti-oxidant
Rose Soothing and calming, relieves stress and anxiety, promotes blood circulation
Musk Prevents dehydration and skin disorders

Essential Oil - Springs of Mekong

Harmonious fragrances drift through the air around you. A source of infinite tranquility where the floral freshness of lotus blossoms blend with green and aquatic bamboo scent to produce a perfect mellow and relaxing olfactory balance.
Springs of Mekong Benefits
Bamboo Stems Extracts cancer cells, anti-inflammation, a natural exfoliant.
Lotus Improves concentration.
White Cedar Cleanse and disinfect, enhance conscious thoughts and repel insects.
Iris Has toning and stimulating properties, cleansing properties for the skin and hair.
Mint Relaxes, aids physical and spiritual coordination, calms the senses.

Essential Oil - Escape to Capri

Capri, the natural beauty of a Mediterranean island A soft and voluptuous fragrance In your own home, an olfactory escape onto this idyllic and romantic island in the Bay of Naples. Escape to Capri is a rare and timeless fragrance. A carnal and feminine elixir. At the head, fresh and invigorating tones of bergamot with Mediterranean undertones. At the heart, soft floral (Jasmine, Peony) and crystalline tones (Lotus). At the base, enveloping woody tones (cedar, patchouli, white musk) bringing sensuality to the fragrance.
Escape to Capri Benefits
Bergamot Improves memory.
Peony Soothing, anti-flammation, protect and brighten skin complexion.
Lotus Improves skin elasticity, aids in respiratory problems.
Cedarwood Anti-septic, astringent and stimulates metabolism.
Patchouli Eliminates anxiety, contracts blood vessels, soothes coughing.
White Musk Treats skin disorders.

Disclose with voluptous incense scents, myrrh and amber with oriental accents,
warm and opulent

Essential Oil - Amber Powder

This sensual fragrance begins with the subtlety of a rose, then offers an enjoyment of lily of the valley and vanilla scents, and finishes with a touch of captivating amber and patchouli.
Amber Powder Benefits
Amber Aids heart problems, anxiety and stress. Calms and relaxes
Balms Calming, aids migraines and headaches associated with the common flu. Also relieves digestive problems such as vomitting, nausea and flatulence
Cinnamon Stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress and pain, improves digestion and protects against insect bites
Patchouli Promotes sleep, reduces inflammation and alleviates stress
Pepper Promotes blood circulation
Rose Soothing and calming, promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and anxiety
Sandalwood Relaxes, aids physical and spiritual coordination, calms the senses, relieves insomnia
White Musk Energizing, stimulates the senses, calms nervs
Vanilla Soothes and calms, enhances the mood, aphrodisiac properties
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Essential Oil - Delicate Powder

This extremely refined, delicate and light fragrance is a hymn to femininity. It poetically transports us to a boudoir, an intimate space with a sensual charm steeped in elegance and femininity. Delicate powder, a feminine, ethereal and silky fragrance.
Delicate Powder Benefits
Sweet Orange Relaxes muscular and nervous spasms, alleviates anxiety, anger, depression and certain bodily inflammation.
Tangerine Removes toxic, soothes the body, stimulates the generation of new cells.
Rose Stimulates creativity and intuition.
White cedarwood Tones organ systems and stimulates metabolism.
Sandalwood Protects internal wounds from infection, has a cooling effect, relaxes nerves, muscles and blood vessels.
Vanilla Aids cough.
Patchouli Helps to treat indigestion, ezcema and constipation.

Essential Oil - Luxurious Venice

Plunge into the heart of the whirling and swirling Venice Carnival with Luxurious Venice, a breath taking composition, a fragrance of great femininity, with a crazy charm. A sophisticated, opulent and heady fragrance. 
Luxurious Venice Benefits
Rose Helps nervous system, dispels anger, depression, anxiety and stress
Orange Blossom Boosts heart health, fights viral infections
Hazelnut Anti-cancer
Vanilla Soothes coughing
White Musk Anti-inflammation
Patchouli Helps treat indigestion, ezcema and constipation

Essential Oil - Sandalwood

Sandalwood - Musk for unwinding, aids physical and spiritual coordination, and Indian musk for good luck charm, a force of good, problem solver, promotes a state of Zen. The oil is great for place of worship, shop and office.
Sandalwood Benefits
Bios de Santal Relaxes, aids physical and spiritual coordination, calms the senses.

Essential Oil - Chevrefeuille

Chevrefeuille is seen as a remedy for those who live in the past, helping them enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Its scent can also alleviate homesickness. 
Chevrefeuille Benefits
Honeysuckle Energy of youth, refreshes your spirit.
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Draw a garden where the queens of perfumery are growing

Essential Oil - Miss Violet

A feminine fragrance combining rose petals and violet powder sublimated by the delicious fruity hint of vanilla-scented raspberry. The reminiscence of subtly iridescent luxury lipsticks.

Essential Oil - Lotus Bleu

The fragrance of the lotus flower's essence is seen as a spiritual elixir. It helps in meditation by calming the mind; promoting peace, serenity and improving concentration, hence quickening spiritual evolvement. Additionally, lotus flower essence hastens recovery from illness by enhancing healing on every level of the human body.

Essential Oil - Lavender Fields

A floral fragrance with fresh lavender notes blended with a light camphor to produce an invigorating and stimulating effect
Lavender Fields Benefits
Lavender Calms the nerves and alleviates depression and insomnia
Eucalyptus Anti-bacterial and stimulates inner system
Camphor Anti-spasmodic, anti-septic, decongesant and anesthetic
Pear Anti-oxidant, Anti-cancer
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Essential Oil - A Rose is a Rose

A voluptuous, tender fragrance, paying homage to the queen of perfumery flowers.
A Rose is a Rose Benefits
Rose Stimulates creativity and intuition, balances the mind and promotes inner healing.
Aids blood circulation, alleciates depression and stress.
Aprodisiac properties can be used to create a romantic atmosphere
Vanilla Alleviates coughing
Ylang-Ylang Relaxes and lifts moods

Essential Oil - Orange Blossom

A dynamic fragrance - both airy and voluptuous - with jasmine and honey notes, revealing the complexity and the refinement of the orange blossom.
Orange Blossom Benefits
Orange Blossom Anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, relieves stress and wrinkles.
Jasmine Relaxation and moodlift.

Essential Oil - Wild Orchid

Feel the warmth of an efflorescent fragrance in this generous floral and sweet fragrance.
Wild Orchid Benefits
Anise Aids insomnia
Vanilla Alleviates coughing
Cardamom Aids digestion, alleviates cold and flu
White musk Helps with skin disorders, anti-inflammation, prevents dehydration
Neroli Cordial and anti-bacterial
Jasmine Anti-cancer, promotes good cholestrol
Bergamot Anti-depressant, stimulates healthy metabolism

Essential Oil - Radiant Iris

A fragrance evoking the many facets of the Iris: refreshing, floral and woody
Radiant Iris Benefits
Tangerine Stimulates the generation of new cells, soothes inflammation and stomach.
Ginger Helps to ease nausea and promote digestion, warms up the body.
Iris Gives off a sophisticated fragrance.
Freesia Refreshing, enhances alertness and strengthens the memory.
Peach Brightens one's outlook on life, emotional balancer, weight control.
Apricot Phyto-chemical that helps to aid health.
Violet Aids in skincare, inflammation, headache and stress.
Cedar Promotes hair growth, strengthens gums, improves focus and wisdom.

Essential Oil - Precious Jasmine

A spicy, very refined and modern floral composition. An unsettling encounter between the warmth of jasmine and the exoticism of ylang, reveals a vibrant floral heart, subtly accorded with fresh, fruity notes. Head notes , the tender and enchanting jasmine blends with the sunny notes of ylang. Heart notes, a bouquet of floral notes both gentle and spicy (carnation and peony). Base notes, the sweet and fruity freshness of orchard fruits (peach, apricot).
Precious Jasmine Benefits
Jasmine Relaxes and lifts moods
Ylang-Ylang Aids insomnia and promotes sleep
Carnation Improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism
Peach Toxin cleanser
Orange Blossom Soothes anxiety
Apricot Promotes phyto-chemicals that aids health

Essential Oil - Citronelle

Citronnelle is a unique blend of Eucalyptus, Basil, Lemongrass and Orange. The Lemongrass scent is rather distinct in Citronnelle essential oil and is a refreshing, uplifting fragrance. Citronnelle soothes the respiratory passage, alleviates insomnia and headache, calms and reduces stress and lifts moods. It also acts as an insect repellent.
Citronelle Benefits
Lemongrass Relaxes.
Eucalyptus Soothes the respiratory system.
Basil Soothes the mucous membrane.
Orange Seed Alleviates insomnia and headaches.
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Essential Oil - Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley fragrance oil has a sudden rush of a delectable green note, like the early morning scent of a fresh spring of lily of the valley.
Lily of the Valley Benefits
Lily of the Valley Freshness of lily flowers, suitable for all occasions, especially weddings.

Essential Oil - Bouquet Provencal

Bouquet Provencal gives a romantic atmosphere and acts as an aphrodisiac. It soothes coughs and is a disinfectant, thus purifying the air.
Bouquet Provencal Benefits
Thyme Romantic atmosphere, aphrodisiac.
Rosemary Rousing, aphrodisiac.

Essential Oil - Rose D'Iris

Rose D'Iris is an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer. It is a general tonic and fortifier, useful for circulatory problems, constipation, headaches and mental fatigue, menstrual and menopausal problems, and skin problems.
Rose D'Iris Benefits
Bulgarian Rose Aids blood circulation, creates a romantic atmosphere.

Create an ode to nature, oceanic clouds, salty mists and streaming rain

Essential Oil - Peppermint

A fresh fragrance dominated by the bracing effect of mint leaves rubbed between the fingers
Peppermint Benefits
Blackcurrant Boosts immune system
Apple Anti-oxidant
Lemon Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral
Mint Soothes cold and respiratory disorders, relieves athsma
Jasmine Relaxation and mood lift

Essential Oil - Green Tea

The Lampe Berger Green Tea essential and fragrance oil is derived from the leaves of the tea plant. The fragrance is invigorating, uplifting and very pleasant. Taken as a beverage, it has many health benefits. Green tea can alleviate allergies such as asthma, hay fever, sinus and allergic induced headaches. The aromatic scent helps relieve fatigue and sleepiness even reducing stress thus is appropriate for students and office workers. It is most recommended for a refreshing environment.
Green Tea Benefits
Green Tea Lifts spirits, improves concentration
Jasmine Anti-cancer, promotes good cholestrol
Lemon Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral
Cardamom Aids digestion, soothes cough and flu
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Essential Oil - Delicate Tea

A fragrance evoking the many facets of the Iris: refreshing, floral and woody
Delicate Tea Benefits
Rose Romantic atmosphere, stimulates creativity and intuition, balances mind and promotes inner healing. Aids blood circulation, soothes depression and stress
Musk Prevent dehydration, helps skin disorders
Bergamot Improves memory
Grapefruit Antiseptic, detoxifying and disinfecting properties

Essential Oil - Summer Rain

A subtle fresh crystalline fragrance that recalls the freshness of the morning dew on a summer day thanks to its eucalyptus floral notes, its blooming spring heart and the warmth of an amber and patchouli atmosphere.
Summer Rain Benefits
Amber Treats heart problems, anxiety, stress; calm and relaxing
Lilac Anti-bacterial, helps to reduce skin sagging and eases anxiety
Freesia Refreshing, enhances alertness and strengthens the memory
Eucalyptus Anti-baterial and stimulates immune system
Patchouli Helps treat indigestion, ezcema and constipation
Peppermint Anti-baterial and stimulates immune system

Essential Oil - Eau De Foret

Eau De Foret is a combination of Fir and Musk. Fir brings joy. It is good for bronchitis and respiratory problems. Musk helps spiritual and physical coordination. Combined, the scent also sharpens mental powers and clarity.
Eau De Foret Benefits
Fir Joyful.
Musk For peace and calm.

Essential Oil - Fresh Mint at the Riad

Make a halt at the heart of a Moroccan Riad, to share the tea ceremony with Fresh Mint at the Riad, a true invitation to relaxation and conviviality. A refreshing and thirst quenching fragrance.
Fresh Mint at the Riad Benefits
Lemon Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial
Cardamom Aids digestion, soothes coughs, cold and flu
Mint Leaves Soothes athsma, respiratory disorders and flu
Green Tea Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial
Jasmine Anti-cancer, promotes good cholestrol, relaxes and lifts mood

Essential Oil - Citrus Leaves

A fragrance that is mischievous, fresh and invigorating to awaken your home ! At the head, fresh notes coming from the combination of sparkling citrus fruits (bergamot, lime) seasoned with a dash of fresh spice (nutmeg). At the heart, green flowery notes
Citrus Leaves Benefits
Bergamot Anti-depressant and stimulates healthy metabolism
Lime Relieves congestion and nausea
Nutmeg Stimulates brain, detoxes liver and kidneys, aids sleep
Green tea Raises spirits, improves mental concentration, helps with diabetes, cholestrol and blood pressure
Petit grain Antispasmodic, nervine and sedative
Violet Anti-cancer, anti-oxidant
Sage Improves memory, soothes athsma, pains and menstural cramps
Musk Prevents inflammation
Thyme Controls blood pressure, soothes indigestion and bloating

Essential Oil - Ocean Breeze

A tropical and revitalising cocktail that blends the freshness and the exoticism of the grapefruit with warm and woody notes.
Ocean Breeze Benefits
Rose Relieves anxiety, depression, anger and stress,
Blackcurrant Boosts immune system
Jasmine Relaxes and promotes good cholestrol, anti-cancer
White musk Prevents dehydration and alleviates skin disorders
Amber Boosts immune systems, cleanses and heals the inner body and draws out disease
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Essential Oil - Eucalyptus

An invigorating fragrance that combines the stimulating eucalyptus with aromatic notes, a hint of woody harmony blended with white musk
Eucalyptus Benefits
Eucalyptus Anti-bacterial, stimulates immune systems and clears sinuses
Musk Anti-inflammation, prevents dehydration
White Peach Relieves stress
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Essential Oil - Miel de Patchouli

Miel de Patchouli is an astringent, and is useful in scalp and skin conditions including dandruff, acne, eczema, cellulite, cracked/chapped skin, and scars. It has an uplifting effect for depression and anxiety' helps alleviate fluid retention.
Miel de Patchouli Benefits
Patchouli Anti-bacterial, stimulates immune systems and clears sinuses.
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Essential Oil - Chypre

Chypre is obtained from the leaves and twigs of the tree. It is an evergreen native to Asia and the Mediterranean area. In the past physicians have advised patients suffering from lung ailments to go to the island of Crete, where there was dense forests of cypress trees. Use of the essential oil contracts blood vessels, soothes coughing, calming and refreshing, relieves nervous tension and stress, aids in sleep, soothes breathing, lifts moods, improves mental functions, relieves muscle tension.
Availability: SOLD
Chypre Benefits
Cypress Back to nature, contracts blood vessels, soothes coughing.
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Tasted with pleasure, smells of cakes, vanilla,
thoughts of sweets

Essential Oil - Vanilla Gourmet

A cocktail of delicious notes blending the richness of a freshly cut bourbon vanilla pod, the sweetness and softness of rum and star anise, and a drop of chocolate and almond (cocoa and tonka beans)
Vanilla Gourmet Benefits
Anise Prevents Insomnia.
Vanilla Arousing, curbs the growth of cancerous cells, relaxing and calming effect on the brain, aids in coughing.
Cocoa Beans Lowers blood pressure, improves elasticity of blood vessels, enhances the flow of blood to the brain.
Prune Improves the existence of digestive enzymes, helps to shed weight.
Musk Prevents dehydration and skin disorders.

Essential Oil - Orange Cinnamon

The freshness of citrus fruits combined with the warmth of spices and candied fruits, enhanced by a note of amber and sensual white musk. 
Orange Cinnamon Benefits
Canelle / Cinnamon Aids in digestion, cold and flu.
Orange Boosts heart health, fights infections.
Vanilla Arousing, curbs the growth of cancerous cells, relaxing and calming effect on the brain.

Magnetic smell of the orchards, exotic savour,
season delicacy for jolly fragrances

Essential Oil - Grapefruit Passion

A sparkling fragrance extracted from the heart of a Florida grapefruit. A moment of happiness!
Grapefruit Passion Benefits
Grapefruit Renowned for it's antiseptic, detoxifying and disinfecting properties, lifts spirits and wards off desire to overeat
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Essential Oil - Green Apple

A fruity fragrance evoking the green, sparkling and juicy character of an apple
Green Apple Benefits
Green Apple Aids digestive functions, regulates the body, mentally soothing
Jasmine Calms the nerves and soothes depression and insomnia
Musk Relieves bodily tensions, prevents dehydration
Orris Prevents inflammation, relieves depression, sinus infections and rheumatism
Peach Anti-aging, rejuvenates skin

Essential Oil - Cranberry

Pure pleasure: A totally new red fruit cocktail blending sweet mildness and tangy freshness
Cranberry Benefits
Orange Boosts heart health, fights infections
Pomegranate Alleviates aches, swelling and pain, promotes skin regeneration
Cranberry Aids skin and hair health

Essential Oil - Black Pomegranate

A juicy fruit with large red seeds, the pomegranate is grown in the Mediterranean basin and in Asia. With its original appearance, the fruit conveys a certain idea of exoticism. Its sweet and sour taste also evokes freshness. Delectable, sparkling or completely imaginary, the pomegranate is THE fragrance of the moment in perfumery. Black pomegranate, a fruity, fresh and sparkling olfactory journey.
Black Pomegranate Benefits
Apple Suppresses appetite, prevents overeating
Blackcurrant Helps with diarrhea, arthritis and gynaecological problems
Papaya Prevents menstural irregularities
Peach Anti-aging, rejunevates skin
Pomegranate Promotes skin regeneration, relieves swelling, muscular aches and pains
Red Fruits Anti-aging

Discover the simple ritual with the unique Lampe Berger diffusion method

Essential Oil - Neutral

An essential in any household, it deodorises but does not release any scented fragrance and can be diluted to control intensity. When used in between 2 fragrances, it optimises the functioning of the Air Pur System oil burner, it cleans it and increases its lifespan.
Neutral Benefits
Cleans lampe, deodorises without scenting the air, dilutes other oils

Essential Oil - Anti-mosquito

Lampe Berger diffusion method with an effective insecticidal formula for long-lasting elimination of mosquitoes
Anti-mosquito Benefits
Comes in Vanilla, Neutral or Ocean Breeze. Helps to keep insects (especially mosquitoes) at bay.

Do Note that Vanilla, Neutral or Ocean Breeze are just some of the ingredients use to Mix into the Anti-Mosquito Oil. It does NOT mean that the smell of it as purely or similar to Vanilla, Neutral or Ocean.

The smell of Anti-Mosquito Oil is random and varies from batch to batch.

Please also note that all kinds of fragrances can be self-mixed EXCEPT for Anti-Mosquito.

Open a window on the absolute simplicity, an inspiration of airy and light freshness.

Essential Oil - White Musk

A gentle, velvety truly rounded fragrance in which the silky notes of white musk are adorned with orange flower, the floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang, and a base of woody, warm, langourous chords of vetiver and patchouli.
White Musk Benefits
Orange Blossom Boosts heart health, fights against viral infections.
Jasmine Anti-cancer, promotes good cholestrol.
Ylang-ylang Relaxation and moodlift.
Patchouli Eliminates anxiety, contracts blood vessels, soothes coughing.
White Musk Treats skin disorders and helps to prevent dehydration.

Essential Oil - Fresh Linen

A breath of pureness and freshness in your home. An accord of fresh and gentle notes.
Fresh Linen Benefits
Eucalyptus Soothes the respiratory system.
Pine Aids in skin-aging, anti-inflammation, increases metabolism and boosts activity levels.
Rose Alleviates anxiety, depression, anger, stress and helps the nervous system.
White Musk Treats skin disorders.
Sandalwood Anti-septic, astringent, induces relaxation .