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How to use your Lampe Berger Lampe

  • Use supplied funnel to fill your Lampe until it's up to 3/4 with Lampe Berger essential oil
    (Note: Do no use other essential oils with a lampe berger lamp. It may be a fire hazard)

  • Place wick into the bottle, fix the catalytic burner securely on the top.
    (Cap and wait 20 minutes if using for the first time, so the wick is saturated)
  • Light the catalytic burner. Once it is lit, allow it to burn steadily for 2~3 minutes before blowing it out.
    (For safety reasons, please ensure that the outer part of the diffuser is dry before lighting)

  • After putting out the flame, place the threaded cap on the catalytic head.
    1 hour of usage will be able to destroy 48~69% of microorganisms present in the room.
  • To stop the operation of the Lampe, replace the threaded cap with the solid cap.

  • Place the lampe cover on top of the solid cover for proper protection and storage for the next usage.

Places of usage

Hospitals Hotels Kindergartens Pet shops Pharmacies Furnite stores
KTVs Temples Education centers Boutiques Offices Restaurants
Tea houses Beauty salons Barber shops Care centers Homes Nurseries
Shops Basements Conference rooms Automobiles Study rooms Industrial areas

Founded in 1897 by a French pharmacist by the name of Maurice Berger.

  • For over a hundred years, Lampe Berger has popularized the aromatic diffuser as an essential item for every family in France and Europe since 1897.

  • All these years, it has distinguished itself by winning numerous government recognition and design awards.

  • Constantly growing business with new designs and fragrances being launched every year.

How Lampe Berger came to be. Healthcare with Style.

In 1898, in order to deal with disinection in hospital and mortuaries, Maurice Berger invented and patented a system of diffusion by catalysis. It was used in hospital wards during the first World War to improve air quality. Over time, the quality of air in living spaces and workplaces became a bigger concern, too.

In the 1930s, when a taste for beauty was at the height, with the pleasure provided by their fragrance, Lampe Berger drew the attention of craftsmen, designers and porcelain producers, thus leading to Lampe Berger lamps becoming a collector's item.

Over a hundred years, it has also become a decorative household object, ranging from basic workds of art to exquisite designs with the signage of renowned artists(i.e, Daum, Galle, Camille Tharaud, Regis Dho, Limoges porcelain-makers, Saint Louis glass-makers, etc.) As their values appreciated with time, some pieces have even become part of museum collections.

About Aromatherapy

  • Caution: You may experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, sleepiness
    or other symptoms in the inital stages of use, or when using unsuitable fragrances.
    These symptoms are normal and usually disappear within 3 to 7 days

  • With Lampe Berger aromatheraphy, the patented ozoalcool
    of the formulated essential oils will release anions into the air
    It then enters the body via the nasal mucus lining,
    and the respirtory system to help eliminate poisonous substances inside the body.

  • Applying Citronelle and Pyrethe essential oil to your arms and legs
    can help prevent mosquito bites when outdoors.

  • Adding Citronelle into the bath helps to relieve stress.

  • Adding Pyrethe when mopping the floor helps to inhibit ant propagation.

  • People with respiratory problems are recommended to use
    Eucalyptus for the first 7 nights and to adjust usage accordingly.

  • As hot air rises, it is better to put the burner at a lower position.

  • Lampe Berger aromatherapy uses the special catalytic burner that heats
    at a constant temperature of 300 degrees celsius to release natural ozone
    to disinfect the air and eliminate unpleasant odors and second-hand smoke.

Our products are made from a variety of botanical essential oils
without any synthetic chemical fragrance, produced by a world leading
company with more than 100 years of expeience.
With two international patents, our products are franchised in 22 countries
and marketed in 68 countries worldwide.

  • Each essential oil has the effects of:
    Enriching oxygen levels, disinfecting the air, eliminating odor,
    decomposing smoke, improve physical condition, improves metabolism,
    boosting enegy

  • Other effects: increases appetite, energizes, relieves stress,
    facilitates sleep and improves physical condition.

Catalytic aroma diffuser

  • Disperses heat without naked flame from the platinum/ceramic composite head (No risk of fire hazard or air pollution from smog/smoke through imperfect burning)

  • Constant combustion temperature of 60 degrees at the center of the catalytic head, the optimal temperature for releasing the fragrance and phytoncide from the essential oils

  • 400 degree on the outer rind to release the properties in the Ozoalcool which works to improve the air quality in the surroundings.


  • Unique to Lampe Berger essential oils
    - Pure essential oil(1-5%)
    - Ozoalcool (90%)
    -Water (3%)

  • Made from extracts from young sweet potato plants of a special breed

  • Effective medium for essential oil for inhalation purposes
    -Water and oil do no mix, hence steam cannot diffuse it far,
    80% of wastage on oil

  • Decomposes into oxygen molecules during catalytic combustion process

  • Forms natural ozone in the air to provide a disinfection action, remove order and increasing the oxygen supply in the environment as well as eliminating second-hand smoke.

Effects of Phytoncide

  • Found in all plants, hence also in essential oils

  • Self-immunity function that counters fungus and bacteria attack on plants

  • Requires the right temperature to be beneficial
    -Destroyed in excesiively high temperatures
    -Not fully ultilized in low temperatures

  • Unlike conventional aromatherapy stands, Lampe Berger's constant catalytic combustion temperature of 60 degrees optimises the emission of Phytoncide in the essential oil

  • Enhances the secretions of the central nervous system to maintain physical and mental balance

  • Activates the endocrine system to trigger release of different types of hormones into the blood stream
    -Eg. The brain will be stimulated to release endorphine which is able to keep one young and enhances immunity to diseases

  • Stimulates brain activity to promote concentration, regulate autonomic system and invigorates the mind and body

  • Prevents inflammation, relieves coughs and phelgm

  • Eliminates insects and dust mites

Effects of Anion

  • High anion level generated during catalytic combustion

  • Indoor air is usually worse than outdoor air
    -Air-conditioned closed rooms - 0 to 25 Ions/cc
    -City parks - 400 to 600 ions/cc
    -Natural forests/waterfalls - 50,000 ions/cc

  • Anion levels in the air has both physiological and physical effects on us

  • Alkaline reaction in blood, good cardiac functions, normalizes blood pressure, smoothens respiration, invigorates, dispells fatigue, activates cell renewal and reinforces immunity.

Outdoor Air pollution

  • Open air burning

  • Peat and forest fires

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Toxic gases

  • Dust particles

  • Bacteria and viruses

Indoor air pollution
We spent 80% of our time indoors
Indoor air is usually trapped air with:

  • Tobacco/Cooking smoke

  • Unpleasant odours

  • Bacteria / Fungus

  • Floating particles

  • Chemical substances

  • Dust mites

  • Recycled carbon dioxide

Anions: vitamins of the air

  • Suppress bacteria in the air

  • Reduces illnesses caused by upper respiratory system

  • Prevents the production of serotonin inside the brain
    (cause of mirgraines)

  • Increases productivity

  • Boost mental performance and concentration

  • Rejuvenate body cells, enhances immunity

Functions of Ozone

Ozone is able to decompose and eliminate pollution caused by:

Chemicals Paint odors Cooking odors
Bathroom smells Hospital Odors Fertilizer
Rancid oils Viruses Animal odors
Gasoline Medicinal odors Body odors
Garbage odors Carpet odors Cigarette smoke

Achievements and Prestige

  • Patent for Ozoalcool and Catalytic Burner submitted in 1898

  • Received French Invention of the Year award in 1901

  • Won the Paris Commodity award for 6 times

  • Won the Lyon Commodity award

  • Won the Grenoble Commodity award

  • Won the Decoratif Arts award

  • Diplome D'honneur Sales award

  • Rome Commodity Award of Italy

  • US FDA approved(FDA CAS-67-63-0)

Today, Lampe Berger is one of the most modern factories in the Aromatherapy industry, and is acknowledged as a leader in the fragrance business. The Lampe Berger product has also been accredicted with the ISO 11014-1 award for product safety and excellence